Attitude – Explosive Ways to Raise Your Stock Value Among Others!

SERIES: Part Three of a Five-Part Article

How others perceive you directly influences your worth to an organization and to others. In essence, your stock value is pre-determined by, among many forces, your engagement attitude.

Your engagement attitude is not necessarily a servant-leadership mindset, but rather a mindset that reveals your performance. It is predestined by what your attitude telegraphs to others in terms of how you elevate their standing or diminish it. Your future growth, survival and net worth are measured in today’s new business reality in two simple ways:

  1. How can I elevate the value of my organization by designing and/or managing centers of revenue savings?
  2. How can I elevate the value of my organization by designing and/or managing centers of revenue generation?

This evolution in performance improvement may be impeded by individuals with ingrained attitudes of shortsightedness, protectiveness toward functional positions o longer viable in the new business economy or elitism.

Success is in the journey,
not the destination!

One way to tune up and tune in for the greater gain of all involved in your business would be to reevaluate where your present stock value is and ensure it continues to rise. Maintaining a “What’s In It For Me?” mentality is neither right nor wrong; it is simply one’s mindset. Your ability to recognize that your attitude influences whether or not you will engage others constructively or combatively is the journey worth taking.

Here are “Ten Daily Personal-Professional Stock-Raising Actions” that can be deployed with a positive self-attitude, thus feeding a positive self-attitude:

  1. Become Intrapreneurial – In all that you do, internally draw upon entrepreneurial energies for growth and success by exploring ways to become better, more efficient, more cost conscious, more time efficient and unique.
  2. Expand Your Job Responsibilities – Draw upon unique strengths, abilities and talents. Make yourself the come-to person that others need for performance and profit improvement.
  3. Request Feedback – Request feedback from others on a regular basis. Place a specific emphasis on the behaviors that can be drawn regularly for success and those that can be improved.
  4. Volunteer Strategically Internally – Volunteer for those activities, assignments, teams and committees that will allow you to make meaningful contributions and engage stakeholders to your business and industry!
  5. Identify the One Percent Factors – Look for all of the areas that a mere one percent increase in input and participation would greatly aid others. This will raise your stock value and create a positive self-attitude.
  6. Strategically Integrate to Teams – Recognize how you can best complement others’ energies and talents without detracting or alienating them.
  7. Understand Others’ Rules of Engagement – Determine what others’ ‘hot buttons’ are and learn how others desire to be engaged (or not engaged) for productive interactions.
  8. Don’t Gripe or Complain – Ensure that when others are negative and argumentative, you become the solution provider or encourager for others.
  9. Zero Sum Confidentiality – If someone confides in you, don’t confide in others. Odds are very good that if the person who confided in you is not your confidant, the dominos will continue to fall as you confide in some else, who will, in turn, confide in someone else. Before you know it, your stock value will decline as a person who cannot be trusted. The person who initially confided in you will become an avid terrorist to you because you violated their confidence. Ensure that if you do confide, you do it in a safe area, where “no one” can overhear your comments.
  10. Mistakes – Learn from your own mistakes, celebrate them and design learning steps away from them toward success. Learn from others’ mistakes as a means of shortening your learning curve towards success… you will never live long enough to make all of them!

Your attitude directly influences your stock value. When your stock value increases, your organization becomes a major beneficiary. Studies repeatedly indicate that how one appreciates others directly influences attitudes – Seventy percent of business owners indicated that their company has not taken steps to raise morale despite the fact that seventy-three percent of employees believe that their company should take the initiative.

The underlining question for a tactical leader is in how they do these action items, create an environment conducive for others to strive to perform these action items and how each is perpetuated daily.

-Dr Jeff Magee
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