Motivating Performance with Primetime Activities!

SERIES: Part Five of a Five-Part Article

High action and high production are two universes apart. Highly successful people are productive!

To maintain high levels of energy and ensure performance motivation, consider which time of the day/night you work on which activities. Consider the following three questions to determine what your “Prime Time” is and which activities should be addressed during this powerful energy window for increased or sustained motivation:

  1. Are you an a.m. or p.m. person (during which  time of the professional day do you tend to have your highest mental and physical energies?)?
  1. Define that window of a.m. or p.m. in terms of which precise hours of the day it starts and ends.
  1. To determine the true “Prime Time” within this window, recognize the limited hours within it during which you have the fewest distractions and interruptions.

This is your “Prime Time”.  It is within this time frame that you should always schedule the action items that generate the greatest net yield to your purpose for being. To better determine which items should be on your schedule, reflect upon your organizational, departmental and personal mission statements.

For example, if you were an a.m. person, and that could be defined as 7 a.m.through noon, your “Prime Time” would be from7 a.m. to about9:30 a.m. So, it is within this window that you would want to schedule those things that require the greatest degree of mental and physical alertness. It would be detrimental to your productivity schedule to be cleaning coffee pots, rearranging paperwork on your desk or participating in other low impact activities during this time!

By assigning appropriate items to your “Prime Time” sequence, you will find that your output skyrockets. By replicating this same business model with those around you, their productivity will skyrocket as well! Recognize that when you experience greater victories of meaningful accomplishment, your self-esteem rises, and that influences your inner motivation and passion. As a leader, how you tactically approach your work and appropriately assign endeavors to your daily energy flow will directly influence the output for success.

Dr Jeff Magee
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