Conditioning Others for Success: Engaging Others as if They Are Your Internal or External Customer for Relationship Building and Appreciation!

Treating those that you work for and with as customers may be a mind shift worth considering for prosperity in today’s business world. How you go about engaging (conditioning) those that you work with will directly correspond to how you are valued, appreciated or taken advantage of in future interactions!

Consider the number of times you may feel you are going the “extra mile” for someone you work with. Consider that no matter how much “extra” you feel you invest into that interaction, some people never seem to notice, recognize nor appreciate the act that you would code as a “gesture” or “favor.” And in some instances, these people even come to expect this level of output performance from you or your department/team/business unit.

A simple means to reestablishing a more healthy relationship with others – and at the same time enlarging working collaborative relationships – is to better sequence your behaviors in a psychological chronological flow.

View the process as a mathematical sequence of key words all inked with an equal sign. This represents that one is inexplicitly connected to the next whenever deployed!

Extra=Favor=Qualify=Appreciation=Valued=Sustained Relationship

Condition others to appreciate what they have and receive from you, and thus enhance the level of interactive success everyone demonstrates and appreciates.  The next time you deliver an “extra,” either communicatively follow up in non-combative manner and “qualify” that act as a subtle “favor” or forever forget it.

When done, this will typically evoke from the recipient a response of gratitude and “appreciation,” and this feeds the ongoing “valued relationship” building needs of common respect, value and like.

As a leader, if you expect people to appreciate your efforts, you must first appreciate theirs. Communicate in a manner that makes it easier for others to appreciate the level of success that you afford to them.

Dr Jeff Magee
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